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ESSAY TOPIC – Define and support your position on the following topic:

Noncommissioned pilots: Historically, who did, and now who

does/could pilot Air Force aircraft?

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Participants must be a senior in a State of Texas High School (including home-schooled).

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Noncommissioned pilots: Historically, who did, and now who does/could pilot Air Force aircraft?

The Air Force announced the establishment of pilot-rated noncommissioned officers to try to fill severe pilot shortages specifically targeting remotely piloted aircraft (RPA) missions. These increased needs are largely in support of coalition forces in the Middle East, Africa, and elsewhere around the glove.  This represents a reversal of a policy that has existed longer than the Air Force; that all pilot-rated personnel must be commissioned officers.

What has previous policy been on who can fly; actually in the cockpit, or now, remotely?

How has history and development of the Air Force been influenced by who flies our aircraft?

Have enlisted and others who have not been commissioned officers flown before?

Have these past aviators influenced the Air Force culture?

What do you see in the history of enlisted aviators and what impact do you think this new policy will have on our force?

The challenge of this topic is for you to research available information, decide what you think, and write a two page essay on what you think and why.

Things to consider:

In answering the theme question, remember that there are no right or wrong answers.  Your challenge is to research your facts, pick and define the position you will discuss, and frame your response within the two-page limit, while supporting why you feel this position is important to national security.

There are numerous sources of information; news broadcasts, talk shows, newspapers and magazines, and of course, the internet is filled with references; find them and turn them into an opinion. The Air Force Association website at has a wide range of information as does the Air Force website,, and many more than we can possibly mention. We know you are bright, talented, and able! We look forward to your response.

Good luck and thanks for your interest!