Whited TOY 2013

AFA, 416, Teacher of the Year 2013

Marcy Whited

AFA Chapter 416, Northeast Texas, Teacher of the Year 2012 and 2013

Mrs. Marcy Whited is an exceptional and dedicated science teacher who is an involved AFA member and has significantly contributed to our Aerospace Education efforts. She is highly worthy of recognition for both her efforts in teaching science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM) as well as for her willingness to help where needed.

Marcy has spent hours in workshops and conferences looking for new strategies to impart science information to her students. She is both well disciplined and caring in the classroom. She always has the best interest of her students at heart, communicates well with parents, and is often a sounding board advising students. Her students respect and love her.

Marcy graduated from the University of Texas in 1984 with a degree in Marketing. In 2001 she participated in a Teacher Preparation Certification Program, receiving approximately 200 hours training in Teacher Preparation. She currently holds certifications in Life-Professional Supervisor, Life-Professional Elementary Grade, Life-Professional Kindergarten, and Life-Elementary-Health and Physical Education.

Marcy has been teaching in Texas since 2000 and in Farmersville since 2005. She received the Induction Academy Service Award (2005), Radio Station KLAK Teacher of the Month, and Farmersville Community Activist of the Year (2009). Marcy was also selected as teacher of the year in Farmersville (2009-2010) and competed for the Texas Medical Association’s, Ernest and Sarah Butler Awards for Excellence in Science Teaching in Austin. She has volunteered and acted as a judge for Jr. High Science Fair, worked with the K-Kids (Kiwanis), and was active in the Drug Free program in Greenville. She is a key leader; member of the Campus Improvement Committee, School District Technology Committee, and leader/creator of the Farmersville Intermediate School “Rocket Scientist Club”. All these things provide background for the solid work she is able to do today.

Marcy’s personal teaching style involves hands-on lab work. She is very organized, makes learning fun, incorporates auditory and visual learning styles, uses a wide variety of teaching strategies and always presents materials at each students learning level. She spearheaded and partnered with other teachers to develop a science vocabulary power point program for grades second through fifth to view during their lunch period. Marcy is always doing research or looking for new material or teaching ideas and checks and rechecks all material before presenting a new program to the students.

Marcy has a tremendously positive attitude. She is always smiling and portrays the character; “Marcy, the Mad Scientist”, and each week gives out the “Lab Rat Award” to one class in the school. In the past two years she has organized and leads four new clubs; Master Meteorologist club, the Amphibian Watch Club, and the Physics Fair, and this past year the start of the Rocket Scientist Club. She works hard to encourage families to learn, work and recycle together. She allows and promotes real world experiences in her lab.

She has worked diligently to develop stage 1, and now stage two, of the Farmersville Independent School Outdoor Lab. This means all students are educated outside as well as inside the school building. Her work has been extensive. She works hard encouraging donations and working to get effort completed for the project. Even the local television stations have noticed and highlighted her story. She has worked the past two years with our AFA Chapter and raised nearly $2,000 from our Golf Thing outings. She is involved, engaged, and a part of our AFA team. Her overall efforts in the community have raised $93,000 toward the $200,000 total price tag. She is undaunted and uses all aspects of the lab making difference.

Marcy’s work with her science programs aided in improving science Texas Assessment of Knowledge and Skills (TAKS) test scores and contributed to Farmersville Intermediate School being rated Exemplary in the state of Texas. Her science class consistently scores Exemplary in the science TAKS testing.

To say the least, Mrs. Marcy Whited goes beyond the call of duty in teaching her students and promoting STEM activities. She and her coworker have worked our chapter “Golf Thing” as members and a part of our team, furthering our goal of helping teachers and promoting STEM activities.

Marcy “the Mad Scientist” is resoundingly worthy of the recognition Texas Teacher of the Year 2013 would provide.